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Although Winter technically doesn’t start for another month, it sure doesn’t feel that way here in Toronto – the temps today dipped into the negatives, it snowed for all of five minutes, and the slight breeze was not making things any better! Unfortunately, along with winter, comes the dry, itchy skin that is characteristic of eczema. There are many factors that contribute to eczema flare-ups, but for Yusuf and myself, it’s the cold, dry winters that get us all itchy and scratchy.

Yusuf has it especially bad and is scratching his poor little arms raw. :( I initially went for the calamine lotion – an old favorite of my mom’s when we were growing up – but it wasn’t helping at all and I wanted to find something (or a series of things) to try that were natural and preferably homemade.

Soothing Oatmeal Bath for Eczema and Itchy SkinWell, I came across a whole bunch of great ideas for homemade anti-itch remedies and thought I’d share them with you! The ones I’m using on Yusuf are baking soda in the bath water, aloe vera gel, and oatmeal baths. And of course, lots and lots of moisturizer – especially right after baths, when skin is still wet. What I’ve realized is not only is it important to treat the itch, but I needed to prevent the conditions that are causing the itching in the first place – dry, dehydrated skin. Thankfully, now that we alternate between baking soda and oatmeal baths, and apply a natural aloe vera gel (like this one) throughout the day, Yusuf’s skin is starting to calm down, and the itching seems to have died down a bit.

And from here, we just have to keep up with maintenance, and get through this winter! We also use these wonderful hard lotion bars from MadeOn Skin Care, which really help to seal in the moisture and keep it from drying out. I reviewed their lotion bars a while back, and you can read that review here: MadeOn Skin Care.

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Homemade Anti-Itch Remedies

Do you suffer from dry, itchy skin caused by eczema or other skin conditions? What are your tried and true remedies? Be sure to click the link above to see my complete list of home remedies!

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