Freezing Fresh Herbs {Tiny Tip Tuesday}

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how to freeze fresh herbs

Another week is upon us, and that means, it’s Tiny Tip Tuesday again! Today we’re talking about freezing fresh herbs!

Up until a few years ago, before we started growing a vegetable garden, I had a love/hate relationship with fresh herbs. I loved the way they added deep flavors to our cooking, but hated that I could never use them up quickly enough before they went bad.

Now that we have our own garden, our herbs are usually the superstars, requiring frequent trimming and pruning on a regular basis…and that leaves me with a whole bunch of herbs! We mainly grow the basics: parsley, basil, cilantro. So I looked for the best way to freeze the herbs so that I could have them on hand when I wanted to add them to our sauces, soups, and anywhere else they’re called for.

The easiest way to freeze fresh herbs (soft ones, like parsley, basil, and cilantro) is to wash, dry, chop, and freeze. So simple, right? It’s really a no-brainer! There is one special step at the end though, so here’s the real tutorial:

After you wash and dry your herbs, either chop them with a knife, or run them through the food processor.

how to freeze fresh herbs

Then, lightly pack them into an ice tray and cover them with water. I tried to eyeball about 1 tablespoon per cube.

how to freeze fresh herbs

Put them in the freezer until frozen, then pop out the herb cubes and store in a labeled freezer bag. When you’re ready to use your herbs, just drop a cube or two into your sauce or soup, and you’re good to go!

how to freeze fresh herbs

More herb freezing tips:

Do you preserve your herbs? Freezing? Drying? Other tips or tricks? Please share in the comments!

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    Thanks for featuring my post on unclogging a drain without harsh chemicals! This week I wrote on how to “hack the bag” so you never forget your reusable bags at whatever store you find yourself.

    Have a great week and thanks for hosting!

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    Yay! Thanks for featuring my reusable paper towels! I love this idea for herbs. I’m always throwing old herbs away and it feels like such a waste. Now I don’t have too! Thanks Sarah for the great tip!

    • Sarah says

      Yep, that’s the only way I use ginger! I just keep a big piece in the freezer and grate what I need. Never thought of doing that for herbs too – thanks for the tip! :)


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