Natural Skin Care: Exfoliating Honey Mask & Scrub

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Honey Mask and Scrub

Believe me when I tell you that the oil-cleansing method is enough as a standalone face cleanser, and the baking soda method is just perfect for exfoliating that stubborn T-zone; but for some extra moisturizing and all-around exfoliating, I like to do a morning wash with honey at least once or twice a week (or whenever I remember). I first heard about this idea from Crunchy Betty, and I was immediately intrigued. She even has a cute video on her site showing how she uses honey to wash her face.

Honey Mask & Scrub

Then, a few months ago, on Tiny Tip Tuesday, Heather at In God’s Economy shared a wonderful post about how she uses honey mixed with baking soda to create an exfoliating face mask! I loved this idea so much that I went and tried it right away – I love it! Here’s how I use honey as a mask/scrub in the mornings, about once a week:

Honey Mask and Scrub

Exfoliating Honey Mask & Scrub
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  1. 1 teaspoon raw honey
  2. 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  1. Start with a dry face. Put honey and baking soda in your palm and rub palms together for a few seconds to warm up the honey and work in the baking soda.
  2. Gently apply the honey mixture to your face, and massage it in for a minute or so.
  3. If you want to use it as a mask, just leave it on for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Rinse your face a few times with warm water, or wipe off gently with a warm, wet wash cloth. You'll be surprised how easily it comes off!
  5. Since baking soda is alkaline, you may want to tone your face afterwards with some raw apple cider vinegar to restore your skins pH level.
Nature's Nurture
Honey Mask and Scrub

What Are The Benefits?

  • Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties and has been used for centuries as an effective skin treatment.
  • Baking soda is a gentle exfoliant and helps remove dead skin cells without causing too much irritation.

Extra Notes

  • Raw honey is best because it still contains all the natural enzymes and health benefits. You can find it at all health food stores – just look for “raw” or “pure” on the label. Pasteurized honey (the clear, liquid-y kind you’ll find at the supermarket) has been heated at high temperatures, and is essentially devoid of all the good bacterial enzymes that make honey good for you – please don’t buy that stuff! Crunchy Betty also has a useful honey guide you can check out.
  • According to Heather, “if you let the baking soda and honey mixture sit for a few minutes in a bowl before you use it, it will foam up ever so slightly and feels really nice on your face.”
  • This will NOT remove makeup, so make sure you’re using this on a clean face, first thing in the morning. (The oil cleansing method is really great for removing makeup!
  • If you are allergic to baking soda (or have sensitive skin), your skin may become irritated and red after using baking soda. Please take extra precaution, and stop using it immediately if you feel you are damaging your skin.

What homemade, natural products are included in your skin care routine? I’d love to hear about your experiences with all-natural skin care!


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    • Sarah says

      Oooh, that sounds just wonderful, Wendy! I’m on a total pumpkin kick this year, but never EVER thought to use it on my skin! Thanks for the tip! :)

  1. says

    I actually hadn’t considered using baking soda. I am definitely going to try this! I love honey for my skin, it is a surprising treat :)

  2. says

    This looks so wonderful! I use honey and yogurt as a face mask and it’s so nourishing. Thanks for sharing this on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday and hope to see you back next week :) Also, I’m following you on Pinterest now – so many boards to choose from, you’ve got a fabulous collection!

  3. Tia says

    Love this idea of using both honet and baking soda together, is this okay to use on all skin types, because i have oily skin and i’ve read on some other sites saying that honey might futher aggrevate the acne…?

  4. Katie wilson says

    I love OCM!! I have been using for awhile, but only use it twice a week. I would love to go all natural everyday using OCM and your raw honey scrub but not sure how. I use OCM at night… So what would I wash my face with in the morning and moisturize with after the shower. I don’t want to use products that strip my skin of their oils because that would defeat the purpose. Do you have suggestions based on your regiment? I am in sales and have to wear make up and do my hair everyday. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thanks so much,

    • says

      Hi Katie,

      You can actually use just the raw honey (without baking soda) as an everyday face wash in the mornings! For moisturizer, I just use some virgin coconut oil. Since you wear makeup everyday, instead of doing OCM every night (which may be too much, depending on your skin type), you can just use straight coconut oil as a makeup remover at night. Basically it would be the OCM process, but with just coconut oil. You may also want to use a toner afterwards to get the last bits of makeup that may be left. Apple cider vinegar or witch hazel is great for this.

      I’ve gotten the makeup question so many times, that I think I’m going to add this information to the post now. :)

      Hope that helps!

  5. Carey says

    For cleaning and soothing, I have used raw honey on its own, or a combination of raw honey and brown sugar for exfoliation, both with pleasing results. I gave the recipe for baking soda and raw honey a try yesterday. The positive aspects: It goes on nice, stays on the skin, and washed off easily. I apply it all over my face and neck, with consideration for keeping it out of the eye area and off the lips. I also applied the mixture to the back of my hands, and massaged it onto my nails and cuticles. My nails looked healthy and buffed after this application. The negative is minor, but worth mentioning: While I didn’t apply it directly to my lips, the area near my lips had a mild burning sensation that I didn’t care for. Further, while I didn’t intend to taste it, nor is it the aim, the flavor was unpleasant. Again, not a major concern. However, one of the aspects I like about using only honey, or the honey and brown sugar combination, is that I can apply it to my lips and the resulting taste is nice. It is a little thing, but something to authentically enjoy during the process. As for skin exfoliation, I found baking soda to be less effective than brown sugar, but the degree of exfoliation desired will vary between individuals. Going forward, I will exfoliate with honey and brown sugar, but give myself a nail and cuticle exfoliation with the baking soda with honey. Now that I think about it, I imagine this would be great to apply to feet as well. My moisturizer is either organic unrefined coconut oil, or grapeseed oil. Someone mentioned apple cider vinegar as a toner, which I am now inclined to try.

  6. Michelle says

    Hello. This regimen sounds great! I will definetely try this. I wanted to know if you have any suggestions to use for the shower or bath? I am using Dial right now but would like to start making my own bath soap as well. Also any ideas for laundry? Thanks for your posts! blessings

  7. joanalyn pedro says

    I’ll surely try those tips. Thanks! But pwede po malaman ung mga ingredients at steps kapag sa paa o sa ibang parte pa ng katawan na pwdeng pahiran. Salamat po. Sana makasagot kau. :-)

  8. Karen says

    Love this mask !!!! It feels so good on my face. Thanks for the tip. For my mask I used Manuka honey. As a middle aged woman in my late 40’s, I now wash with manuka honey, all on its own, and my skin feels good. I was glad to dump chemical peels and peach scubs in favor of masks and honey washes.

  9. Angeles says

    hi i am an African lady and just wish to fine out if the Baking Soda for Blackheads will be ok with my skin and also where can i buy the baking soda if not can i use the bicarbonate soda ?

    • says

      Hmm, I’m not sure. I just did a search online and found some links and videos of women with darker skin using baking soda, so I think it should be ok. And bicarbonate soda is the same as baking soda. :-)

  10. blueNik says

    I am 33 and never had skin issues until after the birth of my second son. I have also been into preventative skin care and now that I am over 30 and I have been stepping it up a bit more. I use the Shielo Complexion Scrub twice weekly.ONLY TWICE PER WEEK. This is by far the BEST at scrub that I have come across.

    First time I used the Shielo Scrub I thought it felt and smelled a lot like other products I have tried but when I rinsed off I could immediately tell a difference…I couldn’t stop touching my face because it was THAT soft.

  11. cathreen says

    It feels very smooth after i rinse my face using the honey scrub with baking soda. But my whitehead still dosen’t take effect. It seems like they are not going to disappear forever. And my whiteheads are only on my forehead…

  12. Marion says

    Can I make more at a time and store it in a container in my bathroom? What is the shelf life on the honey/baking soda scrub?

  13. Myra says

    I have been looking for a facial scrub for a very long time. I used to use the apricot stuff back in the day, but it is too harsh. I absolutely LOVE the Shielo Complexion Scrub! I am now a loyal fan. I have oily but relatively sensitive skin and this is just the right amount of exfoliation without drying or irritating my skin. My skin just feels really smooth and clean afterwards.


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