Natural Ways to Treat Headaches

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Headaches are such a pain (literally!) and can be so debilitating at times… Earlier this week, Mr. Nurture had a killer migraine along with some nausea for the better half of the morning. Right away I made him some ginger tea for the nausea (I remembered that from my pregnancy days!), but was stumped on what to do about the headache. We’d been out of the over-the-counter medications for a while now, and I really wanted to try some natural methods of treating this terrible headache he had.

I asked a few of my natural blogger friends, and Angela at Earth Faerie Momma and Amanda at Natural Living Mamma, immediately responded with the suggestion of using essential oils for the headache. Lavender and peppermint oils were suggested for their calming and soothing properties. I diluted a few drops of both [amazon_link id=”B002N0PY8S” target=”_blank” ]lavender[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”B002N0MZMQ” target=”_blank” ]peppermint[/amazon_link] oils into a small amount of coconut oil, and rubbed it on his temples, neck and upper back. I also put a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and had him inhale it for a few minutes as he laid down for a nap.

Thankfully, by mid-afternoon, after a good nap, Mr. Nurture woke up feeling much better and refreshed! Natural remedies had successfully provided him some very much needed relief for his headache, so I became curious about more natural ways to treat headaches, since they’re such a common issue for many people. I found some more interesting remedies, including some very helpful prevention tips, which I’m sharing at the Healthy Planet blog today. Click the link below for the complete post!

All-Natural Headache Remedies

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  1. says

    I have always been plagued by headaches. Earlier this year I cut down on the dairy that I eat (primarily cheese) and my headaches have been much less frequent. But, the days I still have a headache, these are some great suggestions!

  2. Pears says

    The number one cause of my migraine occurrence is stress. I usually take over the counter drugs to cure it. I often sit down in front of computer for more that 7 hours a day. Maybe the long number of house was the cause of eye stress. Now I minimize that number and I sleep more that 8 hours. I would say, rest is still one of the big factors to cure migraine.


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